UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) from T-Mobile

by Don Mech 16. April 2009 04:28

T-Mobile's UMA technology 

Make or receive mobile phone calls without utilizing my minutes? Browse the internet or send wireless e-mails without worrying about the amount the data I will use? All of this while receiving near flawless voice reception? Yes, this is all possible and the technology is readily available and easy to begin using today.

It has been over a year since T-Mobile has released its UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology for mobile phones and mobile users have yet to truly take advantage of this amazing technology. Very simply, mobile phones with UMA, like the BlackBerry Curve and 8900, allow the user to send and receive phone calls over a WiFi network. Data transactions including e-mail access, WAP and internet browsing can also occur. This gives the user the unique ability to receive near flawless reception while not utilizing minutes or data from their wireless plan. As long as as you have access to a WiFi network, you can begin taking advantage of this technology with a few, easy setting adjustments. This can take place at home, at work or anyplace where you can access a wireless network regardless of the quality of the cellular signal. The mobile device will even remember previous networks and automatically connect your mobile device as long as the settings have not changed.

Unlike wireless SIP, VoIP or Skype smartphone applications - UMA allows a user to seamlessly transition back to the GSM network when talking out of WiFi range.  This allows a user to start a phone conversation at the workplace or home where a 802.11 b/g  network is available and continue the conversation, uninterrupted, when walking or driving out of range.

Want to learn more? Contact a RACO Wireless sales representative to learn about T-Mobile's UMA technology and how it can improve your mobile needs.

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