Remotely Collect Credit Card Payments via Mobile POS

by RACO Industries 18. December 2008 05:18

Mobile POS (Point of Sale), the ability to collect payments via a wireless connection, used to only be available for large retailers who could afford the investment. With improvements in technology and the reduction of costs of the hardware and internet access, medium-sized and small retailers can now inexpensively conduct business in real time. By providing retail employees the ability to track inventory, conduct transactions and process card transactions in a single device, business owners can respond quicker to customer needs while collecting payments quicker.

The components of a Mobile POS application typically include:

• Mobile computer or smart phone with an integrated credit card reader and either a WLAN or WWAN (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) radio. Some ruggedized device examples include an Intermec CN3 or a Motorola MC75.
• Mobile printer (for receipts) like an O’Neil microFlash 2te or a Zebra MZ 220
• Credit card merchant account
• Internet connection via WiFi or WWAN
• Mobile POS application

When integrated, a Mobile POS system will provide secure transactions while giving retailers the ability to move freely to better service their customers. Worker productivity improvements also occur by providing flexibility of where the transaction will take place. Examples include restaurants, nurseries, hardware stores and other retail businesses that can offer their customers the ability to purchase without the need of a checkout line.  RACO Industries offers a wide variety of solutions for businesses looking for a mobile POS solution.


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