Cradlepoint CBA250 Cellular Broadband Adapter

by Chris Francosky 14. July 2009 11:26

The CBA250 Cellular Broadband Adapter from Cradlepoint is the ideal solution for connecting Ethernet devices directly to a cellular network or providing 3G failover and redundancy for an existing Internet connection.  Designed to work “out of the box,” setup typically consists of simply plugging in a compatible 3G USB Modem or ExpressCard, connecting the device’s Ethernet port to a personal or corporate switch or hub  and powering up the device.  Once the CBA250 is powered up and initialized the device will route outbound network traffic through the 3G modem or ExpressCard, allowing you to connect to the Internet Services provided by your Wireless Internet Service Provider

You can also utilize the CBA250 for Internet Connectivity Failover by connecting the device’s Ethernet port to a multi WAN router.  If the primary ISP experiences an outage, the CBA250 can automatically provide service without interruption. 

In addition to featuring a quick and easy setup process, the CBA250 is also very easy to manage using Cradlepoint’s powerful web based management wizard.  The management application allows administrators to configure wireless modem settings, check wireless connectivity details and status, manage LAN settings, and troubleshoot problems.

Cradlepoint's Web Based Management Wizard


The Cradlepoint CBA250 features compatibility with a multitude of HSPA or EVDO USB modems and ExpressCard devices, handy LED indicators showing the power, Ethernet LAN status , USB Modem and ExpressCard Signal Strength and internal flash memory for feature rich firmware upgrades.  The adapter can be used to provide Cellular Broadband connectivity for an existing PC or Mac based network or for M2M applications that operate in ATM machines, vending machine or coin op monitors, outdoor credit card terminals or asset tracking devices.  

In addition to offering sales and support for the Cradlepoint series of Cellular Broadband Adapters and Routers, RACO Industries also offers 3G wireless data plans that will allow you to get these devices connected right out of the box. 

Video Demonstration:



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