Wellness Programs Can Make Your Company Healthier

by Woody Myers 18. November 2011 10:13

Your boss wants you to be healthy, and not just because they're a compassionate human being.  Companies are trying to make their employees healthier in order to keep health costs down.  As a result, they are taking proactive choices to prevent small medical issues from turning into full-blown problems.  One way of nipping serious and costly problems in the bud is with Wellness Programs.

We're working with a large company in Florida that has multiple locations across the country to help them promote healthy lifestyle choices by organizing events and tracking employee progress and participation.  The program we created allows their people to check in to an event by scanning their employee badge at a mobile kiosk and later see their results on a web-based portal.  The hardware can even capture participant signatures.

The employer would no longer be bogged down with their massive paper and pencil process that was unwieldly to manage and difficult to coordinate across multiple locations.  Instead they would have a centralized repository of data they can show to their healthcare provider as incentive to reduce insurance costs.

We can create a wellness program like this one or another kind of event registration solution to customize it to fit your needs.  To see if one of our complete business solutions can work for you, call a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.


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RACO Is Up To The Challenge

by Woody Myers 31. March 2011 06:12

As previously mentioned in this space, RACO Industries has a proud legacy of looking after its employees as well as customers and vendors.  This year, RACO has shown another example of this in offering the Weigh to Go Challenge, a 12-week journey for workers to successfully lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle.  39 employees participated in the program organized by TriHealth Corporate Health Services and compete as individuals and as teams to shed the most pounds through dietary changes and regular physical activity. 

After 12 long weeks of dedicated exercise and weight loss efforts, we would like to give kudos to our participants for their efforts.  The total weight loss was over 334 pounds and we trimmed 79 inches off of our collective midsection!  The average percentage of weight loss per team was 4.17% and 237 weekly exercise logs completed and turned in for at least 14,220 minutes exercised.  Those are impressive numbers for the group that have reaped impressive rewards for the individuals who participated. 

"I exercise more regularly and have gotten my high cholesterol down considerably," said overall Weigh To Go Challenge winner Marilyn Taylor (pictured right).  "My blood pressure is near perfect.  I have much more energy and that makes me happier at work and home."

Due to popular demand, the program will continue so don't be surprised if we sound a little thinner the next time you call 1-800-446-1991.

Congrats to the winning team, Cruisin’ For Losin’ from right to left:
Rob Locke, Heather West, Kelly Kuhr, and Marilyn Taylor.

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