Be Like Santa: Improve Your Supply Chain

by Woody Myers 14. December 2011 00:04

We normally don't think of Jolly Old Saint Nick as a business-savvy innovator, but maybe we need to take another look. Forbes recently credited Santa Claus as "the greatest supply chain success story of all time." Writer Richard Howells points out all the things that Saint Nick gets right:

  • Santa photo by Vanessa Pike-RussellA laser focus on the target market – Children of all ages
  • 100% perfect order rating, on-time delivery and fill rates
  • A global distribution channel that spans the world in 24 hours
  • Direct Door to Chimney Delivery Model
  • A committed workforce with zero turnover
  • The very first known supply chain to run “in the cloud”

If you'd like to improve your supply chain or any of these other aspects of business that Mr. Claus has mastered, contact a RACO product specialist at 1-800-446-1991.  Howells goes on to say the Jolly Fat Man knocks it out of the park in areas such as Manufacturing and Distribution Facility, Customer Service, Order Processing, Supply Network Collaboration, Supply Chain Planning, Transportation and Logistics, Inventory Management, Tracking and Tracing.  Of course, Santa gets a helping hand from NORAD and others around the world.  But still, this is a guy who's been perfecting his craft for centuries so it shouldn't be surprising that he's really good at his job.

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Voice Enables You To Improve ROI

by Woody Myers 26. July 2011 02:16

Talking to your computer doesn't always get the results you want, but now it can.  RACO Industries offeres voice data collection for many applications.  While it may seem like a convenience you don't need,  Intermec suggests voice can help ROI.  Here's a great example they give:

Imagine two workers both responsible for picking products in a warehouse. The first worker has a paper pick list that lists all of the items to be picked. The worker carries the list and consults it to check locations and number of items to pick. Or, perhaps scans the location barcode. 

Now, picture a second person using a voice-directed system. He or she wears a mobile computer on their belt connected to a purpose-built rugged headset. They listen to verbal instructions from the warehouse management system on where to go and what to pick, and simply talk to the system to confirm location and items picked.

The key difference? The worker using voice has their hands and eyes free. The ability for the second worker to remain 100 percent focused on the task at hand is key. This directly translates into ROI – the faster and more accurate the worker, the quicker and more efficient the orders become. 

The second worker doesn't have to move the device back and and forth from one hand to the other while juggling paperwork and constantly looking from their clipboard to the shelf and back again.  While it seems like a small improvement, over time, this could lead to a big leap in efficiency.

It's not just inside the four walls or in your warehouse where this feature can benefit companies.  Voice enable would be a great feature for many applications such as:

  • Field service
  • Field sales-Route Accounting, DSD, Pre-Sale
  • Inspections
  • Pick/Ship
  • Physical Inventory
  • Hospitality – food service 

We can add voice enabling to any existing IT ScriptNet application and across many different devices.  To voice enable your application, contact a product specialist at 1-800-446-1991. 

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We Can Grow With You

by Woody Myers 22. March 2011 08:25

Sometimes our sales people feel like proud parents when dealing with certain customers.  Often, these blossoming businesses call RACO Industries with basic needs like a single product or a few boxes of labels or printer ribbon.  Down the road, we help with eventual growing pains with product upgrades as well as hardware and software integration.  When they're ready for the big time, we'll be standing by to help their company take off.

Like the time we received an order from a small company in Kentucky that produces roller bearings for the railroad industry.  Our relationship started a few years ago with a simple order for an Intermec PM4i industrial printer and some media supplies.  They were hand writing inventory orders and reports and, based on the size of their operation, that was fine.  For a while.

We've heard from this company again recently as they are now thinking about expanding their use of bar codes into tracking their products as they’re put on trucks going out of their facility.  They use QuickBooks and would like to generate some reports to make their manufacturing/record keeping more streamlined and efficient. They know they can do much more with an automated system.  They just need some direction in figuring out what exactly they can do with bar codes and data collection.   So they came to us.  Again.

Our solution for them this time is a Z-Space Inventory Management multi-user license with QuickBooks Interface powered by a couple of wifi-enabled Intermec CK3 mobile computers that work great inside the four walls.

This solution is working well for them for now.  But as they grow and evolve, their needs will change.  When that happens, they know they can pick up the phone, dial 1-800-446-1991, and talk to a product specialist about how to overcome the next major challenge their business faces.

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