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M7140 Terminal

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AML M7140 Terminal

The AML M7140 terminal is a programmable stationary terminal for fixed station, wired, or wireless industrial data collection applications. Engineered for price performance, yet offering powerful features and extensive flexibility enhancements, the AML M7140 is an ideal solution for work-in-progress tracking, shop floor control, and factory automation in manufacturing, distribution and warehousing.

Extensive connectivity & I/O interfaces
The AML M7140 Stationary Terminal is extremely flexible and offers a broad range of connectivity and I/O interfaces to support most data collection requirements. Each AML M7140 ships standard with a powerful Intel StrongARM processor, PCMCIA slot (for user-supplied WiFi radio card), and 100 BaseT Ethernet connectivity. Extensive I/O interfaces include two RS-232 ports for bar code scanners or other serial devices, three optically isolated inputs, and three relay contact outputs for integration with PLCs, conveyor belts, scales, and alarm devices.

The AML M7140 Stationary terminal is built tough to withstand shop floor conditions and sports a rugged powder-coated steel enclosure, 77-key elastomeric keypad, a VGA backlit LCD display, and an internal speaker, 32MB DRAM memory, 16MB Flash ROM, and compact Flash storage up to 512MB provide adequate storage for all your program and data file storage.

Flexible application development
As a member of the AML M7000 Series of data collection terminals, the M7140 Stationary Terminal integrates into a wide range of computing environments to help reduce the time and costs associated with shop floor application development. The M7140 incorporates an open source, embedded Linux architecture and supports AML's Windows compatible CommandLink™ Application Development suite, VT100/VT220, C++, and Basic. Options are also available for IBM 3270 and 5250 terminal emulation when integrating into legacy systems.

AML M7140 Terminal Highlights

AML M7140 Specifications

Programmable stationary terminal for fixed station, wired, or wireless industrial data collection applications.
Provides performance flexibility across a broad range of shop floor data collection applications

Extensive I/O interface capabilities
Supports connectivity to a wide array of data input devices, as well as relay contact outputs

WEP & WPA/WPA2 Security
High-level security protection

Compact Flash Card Slot
Accommodates user supplied WiFi radio card for wireless LAN connectivity

10 BaseT Ethernet connectivity
Network connectivity

Intel StrongARM Processor
Rapid, dependable processing power

32MB DRAM, 16MB Flash ROM compact Flash Storage up to 512MB
Ample program & data file storage

77-key elastomeric keypad
Promotes flexible data entry for increased productivity

Powder coated, steel enclosure
Holds up in industrial environments

AML M7140 Industrial terminal for fixed station, wired, or wireless data capture & system control applications

Take control and manage...

  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Labor tracking
  • Industrial process control

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