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M6000 Decoder

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AML M6000 Wireless Bar Code Decoder

The AML M6000 decoder is simple but has rugged construction which allows for extended reliable operation. Once configured, simply connect a scanning device, push the "on" button and you are ready to scan. The AML M6000 has superior range, up to 150 feet, providing users with a wireless link to an IBM compatible PC. Every valid scan is confirmed with an audible beep.

The AML M6000 wireless decoder automatically turns off power after a few minutes, so batteries are not wasted or accidentally discharged. Reliability, ease-of-use and affordability make American Microsystems' M6000 Bar Code Reader an excellent choice for wireless bar code data collection.

This product is used in conjunction with the AML M6200 Wireless Bar Code Host, which is sold separately.

AML M6000 Wireless Bar Code Decoder Features

Expandable: allows ten (10) AML M6000 Wireless Portables per Wireless Host by setting the portable I.D.

Total system allows eight (8) Wireless Hosts to be used, by setting the Host I.D.

Supports any low cost 5 volt undecoded laser, CCD, or wand devices

Convenient momentary on button turns on the M6000 power. After a user-established time, the M6000 automatically turns power off Easily clips to the user's belt

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