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AML Inventory Manager Software Inventory manager software

AML Inventory Manager is a low-cost, effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses looking take control of their inventory. This package is easy to use and comes with everything you need to track your inventory accurately. Inventory Manager also includes support for AML M5500 Series portable data collection terminals.

AML Inventory Manager will track each activity from receiving to shipping... and everything in between. This easy-to-use software solution provides support for receiving, put-away, picking, shipping, physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Functionality such as inventory move, paper based suggested put-away, receiving, and shipping is just a few of its key strengths. This functionality, combined with standard reports and on-the-fly searching capabilities, delivers a powerful yet flexible solution to your everyday inventory problems.

AML Inventory Manager simplifies the receiving process through the use of data capture technology. It supports receiving purchase orders, returns, and unexpected receipts. You can receive by PO number and item. These transactions can be performed at the PC workstation, or with the use of the AML M5500 Series batch portable data collection terminal with integrated bar code scanner.

AML Inventory Manager supports put-away transactions by item and quantity; they can be input at the workstation or via the AML M5500 Series bar code data collection terminal. Move functions allow materials to be moved between locations. There is complete flexibility to manage and maintain any type of locator management system.

AML Inventory Manager can be renamed to meet your specific needs. Products can be picked by customer order number, part number, and by location using the AML M5500 Series portable bar code scanning terminal. When using the AML M5500 Series data collection terminal, the results are transferred to the PC for processing. The shipping process is used as a final confirmation process that the shipment physically left the facility. Information about the carrier is collected for reporting and research purposes.

AML Inventory Manager tracks your inventory by item number, location, category and or vendor. It features the ability to perform cycle counting, and physical inventories. The software provides infinite lookup and search options. Cycle counting features in Inventory Manager are best utilized in conjunction with AML M5500 Series data collection terminal.

AML Inventory Manager formats and our on-the-fly querying capability, you can easily generate various reports. Here are some common examples:

  • Min/Max Re-Order Levels
  • On-Hand Inventory (by Item, Location, Category)
  • Receiving Report (Date Range)
  • Shipping Report (Date Range)
  • Cycle Count Inventory
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Open Sales Order Report
  • Backorder Report

    AML Inventory Manager Software Specifications

    Workstation Requirements:
    IBM PC or compatible running Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, XP or 2000
    Pentium class processor with 500 MHz or faster
    64 MB RAM or greater
    Minimum 50 MB free hard disk space
    1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
    COM port when using handheld scanner

    Service Pack 6 or higher for Windows 2000*
    Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000*
    Service Pack 2 for Windows XP*
    MDAC 2.7 or higher*


    AML Inventory Manager Software Pricing:

    Part # Description
    SFW-QWIM Quick Warehouse Inventory Manager Software
    SVC-QWIM Quick Warehouse Inventory Manager Phone Support
      Hardware/Software Bundles
    SFW-QWIM-5500 Inventory Manager - M5500 bundled solution
    SFW-QWIM-5510 Inventory Manager - M5510 bundled solution

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    Specifications subject to change without notice.

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