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M7225 Computer

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AML M7225 Handheld Computer

Time to Go From TE to CE?
Upgrade to the AML M7225 & keep your cradle! The AML M7225 can be charged with older generation AML charging accessories, like the ACC-7025 and ACC-5925.

AML users of AML M7100, AML M71V2 and AML M7220 data collection terminals, can upgrade to the AML M7225 and still use their old charging accessories.

The AML M7225 is a richly featured, wireless handheld computer designed for use in retail, manufacturing, and warehouse data capture applications. Its industrial rating makes it durable enough for harsh or challenging environments, but it is lightweight and compact enough to be used in retail and other commercial applications. Powered by Windows® CE 6.0, the AML M7225 is available with an 802.11g + Bluetooth radio, laser or 2D barcode scan engines, 3.5" high-color LCD with touch panel, and full audio support. For virtually any barcode data collection application, the AML M7225 is the sensible solution.

AML M7225 Scanner Feedback

Users can select a variety of ways in which the M7225 can alert if a barcode scan was good, or if it was a miss-read. A "good read" can be indicated by an audible beeper as well as a quick flash of green on the display. A "no read" can be indicated by quick flash of red on the display, or by a brief vibrating sensation. 7225 Scanner Feedback image

AML M7225 Highlights

Multiple Scan Engine Options
Available with fully integrated Lorax "Near/Far" laser, standard range laser, long range laser, or 2D omni-directional imager.

19.2 watt hour Li-Ion battery
Enables all-day operation without a battery swap or re-charge.

Weighs just 17.6oz (500grams) w/o handle
Minimizes fatigue, permitting all day use in scan-intensive applications.

Windows CE 6.0
Latest embedded operating system from Microsoft©. Use standard Windows embedded software tools including Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ and Visual Studio to develop custom applications.

128MB RAM, 128MB ROM (microSD card for expansion)
More than enough memory for virtually any software application.

Full audio capability
Integrated amplified speaker and headphone/microphone jack. Dedicated high-power beeper for barcode scanner.

Numerous configurations available
Configure the M7225 to fit the application requirements. Choose between 1D and 2D barcode scan engines, 802.11g with Bluetooth radios, or batch operation. Available with or without pistol-grip handle.

3.5" QVGA (320x240) color touchscreen display

AML M7225 Cradle AML M7225 Handle AML M7225 Handle

AML M7225 Industry & Application Solutions

Windows CE 6.0
Latest embedded operating system from Microsoft. Use standard Windows embedded software tools including Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ and V

The AML M7225 is the perfect combination of durability and usability. It is rugged enough to handle industrial environments such as warehousing and manufacturing, but lightweight and compact enough for retail or commercial applications. Use it in the store, in the backroom, in the warehouse, or on the plant floor. Designed with the user in mind, it's comfortable, easy to operate, and versatile. The full alphanumeric keypad means minimal "cell phone pecking" which means fewer mistakes and better efficiency. The barcode scanner alerts the user of "good reads" or "no reads" with its unique OnScreen Verification System. Whatever the application, the M7225 is the sensible solution.

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