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M7220/M7221 Terminal

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AML M7220 Wireless Terminal and AML M7221 Wireless Terminal

Real-time wireless communications
Integrated 802.11b/g radio and advanced security protocols support secure and uninterrupted data communications.

Menu-driven setup
Easily configure options, settings, and features with the user-friendly icon-based menu system.

PC-based configuration utility
Automatically configure, replicate, and update settings on multiple devices from your PC.

Simple to learn, use, and deploy
Fast, reliable real-time data capture solution for businesses seeking greater efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

AML M7220 Rugged, Ergonomic, and Simple to Deploy

Rugged yet ergonomic, the AML M7220 sports a lightweight, contoured design for comfortable, one-handed operation over extended periods of use in highly repetitive scanning applications. Multiple M7220 product configurations ensure operational flexibility and flexibility across a wide range of data capture applications. Choose the 55-key alphanumeric keypad or the lockable 35-key numeric keypad for applications requiring fast numeric data entry. Fully integrated scan engine options include standard laser, long range laser, advanced long range laser or 2D imager for picture and signature capture.

AML M7221 features a forward-scanning, pistol grip handle.

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AML M7220/M7221

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