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M5900 and M5901 Terminal

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NOTE: AML M5900 Series portable data terminal replaces the AML M5000 and M5500 portable terminals.

AML M5900 Terminal and AML M5901 Industrial Terminal

The AML Big business performance. Small business value.

With big business functionality at a small business price, the AML M5900 portable data terminal can help streamline and improve your business operations, while keeping IT costs low - no matter the size of your business.

The AML M5900 features 32MB RAM/16MB flash ROM memory (with 10MB of user-available non-volatile memory), a rapid 200 MHz ARM9 processor, a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, a backup lithium battery, large graphical backlit LCD display, and your choice of 55-key alphanumeric or 35-key numeric keypad. It also comes with a SQLite database engine for powerful handling of data files.

AML M5901 Industrial Version

AML M5901 Industrial Version

The AML M5901 features a forward-scanning pistol grip handle and protective rubber boot. Enhanced 5 ft. (1.5m) drop rating to concrete.

AML M5900/M5901

Flexible application development
Choose from six common preloaded applications or develop your own applications utilizing the On-board Program Generator (OPG) or the AML M5900 PC-based Program Generator. No need to purchase costly development software.

32MB, 16MB Flash ROM
Ample storage capacity for program and data files. Minimizes unproductive downtime to off load data.

AML M5900/M5901 Applications

Stock control
Price verification
Asset tracking
Shipping and Receiving

AML M5900 Highlights & Benefits

Durable, ergonomic design
Built for everyday, all day use.

Graphical 160x160 backlit LCD display
Easy to read, even in dimly lit environments. Accommodates 20 lines x 20 characters for text.

High performance 200 MHz ARM9 Processor
Rapid access to large look-up tables or stored data

32MB RAM, 16MB Flash ROM
Ample storage capacity for program and data files, even in the most informative-intensive applications.

SQLite database engine
Powerful handling of data files.

Rechargeable, high capacity 2600 mAh
Much longer life than conventional batteries. Ensures extended periods of operation without interruption.

Backup battery
PProtects and retains memory when the main battery is discharged or removed.

55key alphanumeric keypad or 35key numeric keypad
Multi-functional keypad supports most data collection applications.

On-board Program Generator (OPG)
Create simple applications, right on the M5900, from the Run Program Menu.

Preloaded with six common data collection applications
EaEasily scan bar codes and collect basic data.

PC-Based M5900 Program Generator
Quickly and efficiently create custom applications for the M5900.

Multiple integrated scan engine options
Choose the most appropriate bar code scanner for your specific data collection application.

RS232 and USB ports
Simple and easy data upload.

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