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Monarch 9460 Sierra Sport2

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Monarch's Sierra Sport2™ portable printer provides retailers and distribution centers with quality, low-cost labeling on the go. Monarch has eliminated preprint hassles, such as waiting for labels. No more hand correcting labels or pitching obsolete labels. The lightweight Sierra Sport2™ printer can be carried with a hand strap, clipped to a belt or worn with the shoulder strap. The Sierra Sport2™ is the easiest to use portable printer on the market. Just check these features, all with the benefit of increased productivity and less "down time" for you:

  • Drop-in loading
  • Multi-line LCD display for messages, including displaying available battery capacity
  • Wireless (no cable) options
  • Super long battery life due to new technology

Monarch 9460 Sierra Sport2™ Printer Highlights

  • Run One Data Stream with Multiple Brands of Printers... Promotional Labels Printed off-line and much more with Sierra Sport2 with ADK!
  • Portable 2.0" (51 mm) wide printing solution
  • Easiest to use
  • Drop in label loading, alphanumeric multi-line display for messages, longest battery life on the market, and wireless option - no cables!
  • Rugged design includes protective boot and feet
  • Prints crisp bar codes
  • All popular symbologies--and human-readable data
  • Fast 3" per second print speed
  • Large flash memory for fonts and graphics
  • Single station charger

Additional features include MPCL™ Toolbox utilities that makes it easy to create and change label formats, 512K of memory, and 1MB of flash memory for downloadable soft fonts, resident formats and graphics. Plus, the Sierra Sport2™ printer is durable: it's tested to survive a four-foot drop.

Integration Ready with Sierra Sport2 with ADK!

Accepting competitive data streams means that you can now more easily penetrate competitive accounts and gain that all-important foot-in-the-door. Using the external keyboard and the Stand Alone Sierra for promotional labeling means putting an end to rolls and rolls of un-used stickers behind the POS station or in the backroom. Best of all - this unique capability is in the Sierra Sport2 only! No other portable competitors offer it! This competitive integration capability could be the major turning point to new market share that was previously unavailable to us. ADK firmware provides the Sierra with three incredible new features!

1st: The Sierra now has the capability to be programmed to accept data streams that drive competitive printers.

2nd: The Sierra can accept data from an external keypad to enter price points and promotional information!

3rd: The Sierra can be programmed to run simple printing applications, with fixed data, completely stand alone. The keys on the printer can be used to scroll through the fixed data and then print. For example size stickers can now be printed on demand!


Retail Pricemarking and Shelf Labeling

For markdowns, returns or remarking on the sales floor, scan the bar code with the data collector and instantly access the price lookup file for accurate, up-to-date price management. Print labels or tags in-store, saving the time and hassle of backroom marking.

Simply scan the existing shelf label or product with a portable data collector. Receive instant price verification, and the Sierra Sport2™ printer automatically prints updated labels on the spot, saving time and steps. Optional wireless interface to terminal is available. Printing with the portable Sierra Sport2™ provides many benefits over using preprinted on "back room" printers, including:

  • more accurate
  • eliminates "walk time"
  • more productive
  • instant correction of inaccurate labels

Industrial Product ID and Bin Marking

To mark products with a UPC product ID label, simply scan the vendor's part number and have the Sierra Sport2™ printer produce your part number to accurately identify your products. At the packing station, scan the UPC product ID bar code label to instantly access the purchase order file for accurate, up-to-date inventory management. Print labels anywhere in your facility, saving the time and hassle of taking products to the printer.

Scan the existing bar code bin label with a portable data collection unit. Receive instant data verification or changes, and the Sierra Sport2™ printer automatically prints updated bin labels.

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